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Allsvenskan: Hammarby’s Loret Sadiku: The gold is done

GOTHENBURG. The gold has already been won after nine rounds.

Loret Sadiku notes that.

– So I came to Hammarby to win… so this is tough, sighs the midfielder.

When the goal scorer Loret Sadiku looks at the table after 1-1 away to IFK Gothenburg then he doesn’t try to keep up appearances anymore. Bajen is in tenth place, 14 points behind Malmö FF after nine rounds played.

The straight question: is the gold run?

– Yes, it is one hundred percent gone. It’s just so. Malmö has done incredibly well and Häcken too. It is the clubs that compete for it. Unfortunately.

How do you see the distance up, even to the European places, in the table?

– We can talk about the fact that we have had a tough schedule, but now we met Gothenburg, which is almost last and we don’t win. We can’t blame the schedule.

Loret Sadiku during the match against IFK Gothenburg.
Loret Sadiku during the match against IFK Gothenburg.

“The team doesn’t work”

The start of the series is a very big and difficult disappointment to deal with, says Sadiku.

– So I came to Hammarby to win… so this is tough. We are a new team but can’t blame that either. We have to start winning games, we just have to do it. Even if we are one man less like against Gothenburg. But it is difficult when we are where we are and some heavy performances have meant that the self-confidence is not so good.

What is the most important reason why you fell behind?

– It’s the team. The team has not worked and that applies to the whole team. We concede a lot of goals, don’t create much going forward either and haven’t had the ball as we would like. Some stuff has been good (Sadiku mentions the pressing game), but we haven’t been able to capitalize on it.

The analysis: Hammarby is doing it wrong

In the second half, Hammarby became passive and very low, even before the controversial sending off of Edvin Kurtulus. At the press conference, Martí Cifuentens was frustrated by it. The coach had pressed at the break for the team to continue pressing high and go for another goal, but for some reason the players failed to follow his orders and ended up in the lap of Davor Blazevic.

– I have to become a better coach there, said a self-critical Cifuentes.

Sadiku buys the analysis.

– We do well in the first half. We have a huge control at Blåvitt. But we get a little too cowardly and start pushing the ball away even when we can try to play. I agree with him. It was the same against Djurgården, we felt. Then we won, but we must not get so low. We can’t dominate every game all the time, we understand that, but we are at our best when we are up high and win the ball back quickly.

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