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Djurgården’s Victor Edvardsen’s disappointment after the poke: “Of course it’s hard”

Victor Edvardsen broke the goal drought most recently against Mjällby after his super jump.

But against Häcken, he was back on the bench.

– Of course it’s hard, he says.

Victor Edvardsen was relieved after he scored his first goal of the season in the 2–0 win against Mjällby. The striker was substituted in the 82nd minute and scored the second moments later.

But against Häcken, Edvardsen was benched again. After the 1–0 victory, the star was visibly disappointed.

– It was a good match, he says.

Are you disappointed for yourself?

– Yes of course. Why are you allowed to bring the coaches and Bosse (Andersson, sports manager).

Edvardsen says that he has not received any explanation.

– No, you can take that with them. But I’m disappointed of course. I refer to them.

Why should we take it with Bosse?

– If you’re wondering why I can’t play, I’ll refer them to them. They have to answer that.

Have you had a talk?
– No.

How is it for you?
– Of course it’s hard, but now we won so you can take it with them. I know you want me to say something, but you can take it up with the coaches and they can answer it.

“No one wants to sit on the bench”

Boss Andersson says that he understands Edvardsen’s disappointment, but that there are many matches in a short time right now.

– I can understand, I think that everyone who plays elite football is happy to sit on the bench, he says and continues:

– We have tough and broad competition. Today we had this starting eleven. Then we’ll see, we have three games in eight days and will focus on our next assignment on Sunday, he says.


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