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Expressen broadcasts all matches from SBL

Recently, Expressen was able to trumpet the news that all elite series matches in bandy on both the women’s and men’s side will be broadcast on the site for years to come for all Premium Max customers.

In the past year, Expressen has also been able to stream French league football, the qualifying series in hockey, a lot of skiing, the bandy WC, the elite team, Allsvenskan football clubs’ pre-season matches and equestrian sports from both Miami, Mexico City and Madrid.

Now it is clear that another right has been acquired by Expressen. In a multi-year agreement with SBL (the top league in basketball), all men’s matches from there will be broadcast on the site with the Premium Max subscription.

The premiere takes place this autumn, where all viewers can follow the drama from the arenas around Sweden. Just over a week ago, Norrköping Dolphins took home the final victory against Borås and thus won SM gold for the third season in a row.

– SBL Herr has been shown on our own platform for many years and has also had some national exposure with a few matches on SVT each season. Now we are taking the next step by having a large national media player that broadcasts all the matches and we are really appealed to by Bonnier News and their local media colleagues’ opportunity for both national and local exposure, says Bo Sundberg, responsible for the media rights on behalf of SBL Herr.

All matches from SBL for several years to come will be streamed HERE!

This is how the Swedish Men’s Basketball League will be shown

Expressen: Shows all matches in the league.

Östersunds-Posten and Länstidningen in Östersund: Shows Jämtland’s all matches.

Bärgslagbladet: Shows all Köping’s matches.

The county newspaper in Södertälje: Shows all of Södertälje’s matches.

Smålands Dagblad and Smålands-Tidningen: Shows all of Nässjö’s matches.

Norrköping’s Newspapers: Shows all of Norrköping’s matches.

Upsala Nya Tidning: Shows all of Uppsala basketball’s matches

NSD and Norrbottens-Kuriren: Shows all of Luleå’s matches.

Borås Tidning: Shows all Borås matches.

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