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Finland exploded in the third period against Hungary

Mikko Rantanen waits for the first goal

Finland has had a weak WC and was badly out against Hungary after two periods.

Then things really loosened up for Finland and they won 7-1 – but SVT’s expert Mikael Renberg was not impressed.

– They don’t synchronize over three periods, he says in the broadcast.

No, it didn’t look any further for Finland after two periods played. Despite the fact that Hungary had been overrun by Tre Kronor 1-7 a day earlier, they played well against the host nation.

Admittedly, the Finns led 2–1 after two periods played, but the offense was far from exuberant and Hungary did not lack chances.

– Finland should not be counted out. But, they don’t have good habits right now and they really have to step up, says SVT’s expert Kim Martin Hasson in the broadcast after the second period.

However, stepping up was exactly what Finland was going to do.

Finland's big star Mikko Rantanen is still goalless.
Finland’s big star Mikko Rantanen is still goalless.

Ketchup effect

Atte Ohtamaa made it 3-1 less than a minute into the period, and two and a half minutes later, Teemu Hartikanie made it four on the crossbar.

In the end it was a 7-1 victory for Finland after Joel Armia finished the scoring with a beautiful solo performance.

– In exactly the same way that we judge Three Kronor, we must judge Finland. It’s individual performances that lead to the goals and of course they take over the third period completely and win quite fairly, but it’s still not a Finnish team that syncs over three periods. I am not impressed by Finland, says SVT expert Mikael Renberg.

Big star Mikko Rantanen accounted for three assists but he is still waiting for the first goal – despite several good chances. In five games, the playable forward is noted for seven assists.

Difficult to reach group victory

Finland is thus third in the group on ten points after five games played. They have a favorable opposition in the last three group stage matches, but there doesn’t seem to be any group victory.

Both the USA (two points ahead) and Sweden (one point ahead) have played one less game and most things point to those teams settling for the group victory in the last game.

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