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Handball talent from Lund dead – turned 19

Fabian Wilson lived in Lund with his mother and younger sister and studied at LTH (Lund Institute of Technology) in Helsingborg.

But above all, Fabian was a person who loved handball.

One who knew him well was his coach in Lugi, Emme Adebo. He met Fabian when he was a little guy, and trained him for 13 years. They met for the last time at the USM finals in Uppsala at the beginning of May, where Fabian went in his spare time to watch handball.

– Fabian had always played handball since he was little and always very committed. When he was 14, he started judging as an association judge and was really on his way up as a judge, says Emme Adebo.

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Coach Adebo has met Fabian many times over the years. Emme’s son plays in the team where several of the players were Fabian’s closest friends.

The news came last Thursday. Fabian Wilson had passed away, aged 19. Within an hour or so, about fifty people, Fabian’s old teammates and leaders, had gathered at the arena in Lund.

– There was a very tight community in the P03 team, although the players are spread out in different training groups, says Emme Adebo.

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“Fantastic support”

The next day, Lugi went out with the news.

Under Lugi’s post about what happened on social media, you can read condolences from handball star Isabelle Gulldén to soccer reporter Olof Lundh.

– There has been fantastic support from the entire handball family. It has truly overflowed with warmth and care.

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On the occasion of the incident, Lugi held an open house for the public last Friday, a gathering attended by over 130 people. The gathering was supposed to last for half an hour, but people stayed in the hall for over two hours.

– I held the meeting and spoke and two guys in the team each gave a speech. It was an incredibly hard but nice moment together, says Emme Adebo about the memorial.

What was it like training Fabian?

– It was very easy. He always did his best and was always a great teammate. He was also very humble and popular with everyone.

How will you remember him?

– Fabian will always have a place in my heart as a very nice guy.

Expressen has been in contact with Fabian Wilson’s family, who approved the publication.

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