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Henrik Tömmernes is chasing the Swedish back record in the WC

Henrik Tömmernes has had a brilliant WC so far.

Not only has he been part of the defense that has basically been watertight throughout the tournament – Sweden has only conceded three goals – he has also produced the most points of all the players in the team.

And with his eight assists, he is actually the best in the tournament.

– It feels good. The form has gradually increased, just like for the team. It’s always fun to be on the score sheet and I’m a back who should contribute. It’s good for the future, says the upcoming Frölundabacken.


Oliver Ekman-Larsson, 12 – 2015

Niklas Kronwall, 10 – 2006

Börje Salming, 10 – 1973

Dick Tärnström, 9 – 2007

Magnus Svensson, 9 – 1994

The fact is that Tömmernes is already one of the top scorers of Swedish WC defenders ever. Only five have scored more for Tre Kronor in a World Cup context.

Currently, Tömmernes is four points behind the record holder Oliver Ekman-Larsson, who produced twelve points in the 2015 Hockey World Cup.

– It is fun. However, with respect to Hungary and France, I have made most of my points against them. I can’t make too big a deal out of it.

Are you chasing Oliver Ekman-Larsson’s record listing?

– It’s done. And the more I contribute, the more chance we have to win games. The team goes first and now we will focus on the last two games in the group stage.


Despite the score, it is still Tre Kronor’s defensive play that laid the foundation for the strong winning trend in the group stage.

Henrik Tömmernes wants to emphasize teamwork as the single biggest success factor.

– Number one is that everyone does the work for each other. Sam (Hallam) has a philosophy where we should be strong in the middle and cover the areas where it is most dangerous. We have done a good job there and we have good goaltending. We trust each other and then it usually turns out well.

What is the biggest difference between Johan Garpenlöv and Sam Hallam?

– Difficult to compare, but if I talk about Sam, he spreads a calmness and he gives us confidence. He is a very good match coach and he can change small details that make a very big difference. The entire staff has done a great job. There are new voices and new energy. So far it looks very good.

Ends against the USA

Before Tre Kronor can prepare for the finals in the hockey World Cup, a group final against the USA awaits. The winner there finishes first in Group A.

– It will be a value meter. Perfect finish.

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