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HV71’s forecast for injured André Petersson: About three months

André Petersson’s WC is over after the ankle injury against the USA.

Now a “Brolin boot” awaits the HV71 star before continued rehabilitation.

– He should be back in full training in August, says HV71’s physiotherapist Andreas Frostemark.

The 32-year-old Three Crowns- the forward ended in yesterday’s group stage match against the USA and misses the rest of the WC tournament.

André Petersson plays everyday in HV71where he scored 21 goals and won the internal scoring league last season.

– It’s an ankle injury. It was clear from the pictures what happened on the ice. He got stuck with his foot and twisted it, says HV71’s physiotherapist Andreas Frostemark.

Expected to be gone for three months

He estimates the rehabilitation time at approximately three months and does not think it will affect Petersson’s ice or match participation that much during the preseason.

So you expect him to be back for your first practice matches?

– Yes, there somewhere. Fortunately, he will be able to carry out a pre-season with some adaptation anyway given that you have the option of using a boot for the first few weeks, explains Frostemark and mentions cardio and strength training.

The boot is also called the “Brolin boot” as former soccer star Tomas Brolin used it in his rehabilitation after breaking his leg in 1994.

– It’s a “walker” you walk on. You can put weight on the foot in it without having to plaster it. There is great benefit in the rehabilitation itself.

“The worst disappointment has subsided”

Frostemark reacts to the fact that slightly different information has appeared in the media about the treatment time with the boot.

– It lasts about four to six weeks. What is not taken into account there is that you continue working with a rehabilitation process without a boot and it can take a certain number of weeks.

Have you spoken to André?

– I have spoken to him a few times. Today on the phone and I will see him on Friday morning. Then we take it from there.

How did he take this?

– He is quite positive as a person. He wasn’t too down now, the worst of the disappointment has probably subsided. It’s not much more than liking the situation. But of course it’s very boring. I feel he is in good spirits, although we didn’t talk much about the mental part.

HV71 will meet Linköping at home in the SHL premiere on September 14.

Tre Kronor has called up both forward Dennis Rasmussen, defender Christian Folin and, after the injury, André Petersson.

Back star Rasmus Sandin, who also came out injured against the USA, was back on the ice today though stepped off the training after a quarter of an hour. Tomorrow, Latvia awaits in the quarter-finals.

André Petersson was injured against the USA.
André Petersson was injured against the USA.

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