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IFK Gothenburg’s Sebastian Ohlsson was inspired in St. Pauli

GOTHENBURG. He is Blåvitt’s sharpest player on the pitch. Sebastian Ohlsson, 29, is also sharp when he says what he thinks.

The inspiration in part?

– I like how we really took a stand for things in St. Pauli, he says.

After two successful seasons in the 2. Bundesliga where Sebastian Ohlsson was sniffing for an A national team place as a right back, 2021 and 2022 were partially chopped up by injuries.

It was a split player who returned to IFK Gothenburg ahead of this season.

After eight games played, he is sensationally Blåvitt’s top scorer with four complete hits.

– I played around 60 series matches with St. Pauli for three years, didn’t score a single goal and was rarely over the center line in the role I had as right back there, he tells Sportbladet after Saturday’s training session before Sunday’s meeting with Hammarby at Gamla Ullevi.

Have played everywhere

As a 21-year-old, he scored 16 goals for Örgryte in division one south in 2015, but then Ohlsson played offensive winger or striker.

How do you explain the goals now?

– I have received good passes…

– Apart from that, I have worked hard, run a lot and it is rewarding.

In addition, he plays in a free, offensive role on the right of IFK Göteborg’s midfield in the 4-2-3-1 formation.

– I get to more finishing positions and am involved more in the penalty area, he says.

But a new one Marcus Berg

– No no no. I’m nowhere near Mackan’s finishes.

Or like him described it after his two goals against AIK in the last round:

– Like Berg on Wish.

Transfermarkt’s graphic of Sebastian Ohlsson’s placements during his senior career shows that the 29-year-old has actually played in all positions available to outfield players.

Where do you really want to play?

The otherwise rapping Ohlsson actually has to think for a while.

– I was at my best as a right back in St. Pauli in the 19/20 and 20/21 seasons. So maybe that’s where I do my best. I don’t know how to interpret that statistic really. Like I’m not good enough to stick to one position…?

Source: Transfermarkt.
Source: Transfermarkt.

From red hot to ice cold

In the spring of 2021, he injured his knee, was back in the fall and St. Pauli offered a contract extension for the Swedish crowd favourite.

– I could have signed but it was a negotiation and right then it was a very good situation for me with an expiring contract and interest from other foreign clubs.

Then he injured the ligament in his knee during a training in early spring 2022, underwent surgery and there was neither a move to a major foreign club nor a contract extension with St. Pauli.

– It was quite difficult to end up in that situation. I am very happy that it worked out with Blåvitt.

He also scored directly in the first training match of his return to IFK Gothenburg in January this year, after 80 seconds against Degerfors at Valhalla IP.

– It has gone well for me, I must say that, but it has still been a bit up and down. After all, I missed a few games and some training in the pre-season when I had some stretch marks.

– I need a few more weeks and matches to feel that I am in full match shape physically, says the strong winger.

You understand for yourself, there have been ups and downs in Sebastian Ohlsson’s playing career, but he is not afraid to express what he feels when he is out in the cold.

An unexpected appearance

When, after a couple of strong years in Örgryte, he was recruited home to the parent club IFK Göteborg in 2017, he was benched by the then Blåvitträner Jörgen Lennartsson.

During the summer, the team held a training session for all of the season’s new players.

Sebastian Ohlsson’s performance? A freezer box was rolled in and he jumped out of it – in front of the playing squad and coach Lennartsson.

– It was a success and everyone thought it was fun. I don’t really remember if Jörgen laughed or not because I was so focused on my performance, he says with a wry smile.

Recently, Sebastian Ohlsson was the first out of IFK Göteborg’s players with the very clear opinion that the club should invest further in the temporary (?) coaching duo William Lundin, 30, and Alexander Tengryd, 37.

“I would like to see us continue to work with William (Lundin) and Alex (Tengryd). They have damn good ideas and they are straight. Still, I’ve had a few coaches over the years and these are really good coaches too” Ohlsson added Sportbladet as early as April 17.

Where does this clarity come from?

– I wouldn’t say that I’m the one who always says what I think and thinks in the media all the time, but when there are obvious things, I say them.

Sebastian Ohlsson in St.  Pauli.
Sebastian Ohlsson in St. Pauli.

Loved the time in Hamburg

Ohlsson, who made it halfway through his studies towards a degree in economics at the Gothenburg School of Economics before his football career took off and there was not enough time, was perhaps further inspired during his years in Hamburg at the cult club St. Pauli.

– That club is extremely clear about what it thinks and where it stands on issues surrounding racism, sexism, homophobia.

Is their action something that would be needed in Swedish football?

– St. Pauli are considered political, but I don’t think they always are. These are obvious things. I don’t think you should be afraid to take a clear stand. It’s about human rights, says Sebastian Ohlsson. It’s a great club and it was a damn good time there.

What do you want with your own football career now?

– Then I’ll sound super boring instead. It is to play here in the present and help IFK Göteborg. There have been so many ups and downs for me that it becomes too much of a distraction to think about what will happen next. I have a contract for 1.5 more years.

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