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Jesper Björkman has ALS – is getting married and wants to have a family

Jesper Björkman broke through in the early 2010s in Helsingborgs IF and was part of several successful years with the club.

The career later continued in Gefle, AFC Eskilstuna and Akropolis.

But as a 29-year-old, he was forced to put his shoes on the shelf. He had suffered from ALS. In an interview with Helsingborgs Dagblad told Björkman about the nightmare message.

He chose to talk openly about the disease to shed light on it, but also to avoid keeping it a secret.

– It felt like I was carrying a secret and it was great to be able to share it with all of Sweden, says Jesper Björkman in TV4’s “News morning”.

The new reality is still above.

– When you saw yesterday that we were going to be in Nyhetsmorgon, I felt that “no, it’s not us, it’s not our life”.

“We wanted to get married as quickly as possible”

The girlfriend Linnea Eldforsen Nilsson says that they decided not to let the disease stop them.

– One of the first things my father said after we received the news was that we must not stop dreaming, she says.

– They may not be far into the future, but they are still there, and one of those things is to get married and we will do that.

July 24 is the time for the wedding.

– We wanted to get married as quickly as possible, says Jesper Björkman.

At the same time, they get help from loved ones in renovating the newly bought house.

– We want to have a family and then we have bought a house which we are renovating.

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