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Jesper Wallstedt’s strange night in the WC – zero shots in 40 minutes

Jesper Wallstedt won his second straight WC match on Thursday.

A special one.

Tre Kronor had no major difficulties with Hungary and eventually won comfortably 7-1.

– Nice to win. It was fun for a while. Then I just tried to talk and play some pucks.

Yes, during the first period Jesper Wallstedt still had to sweat quite a bit. He then saved eight of nine shots.

But after that he stood cold and followed what his teammates came up with offensively. Hungary did not fire a single shot in periods two and three.

– I expected a bit more after their first period. They come out strong then. We score two goals early on and maybe relax a bit, we are a bit comfortable. They make a good first start, but then we run them over completely. It looks like the public ride to and from. Nice to see, he says Expressen’s podcast WC pulse.

Have you experienced this before, having nothing to do for two periods?

– No, I thought about it. I’ve never had a period when I didn’t have a shot. This was the first time and now it was two periods. Very strange, very strange, but it is what it is. Great with a third.

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Thought the goal would be ruled out

The only time it rattled in the nets behind Jesper Wallstedt was in the middle of the first period when Roland Kiss reduced it to 2-1 for Hungary.

Wallstedt himself believed that the goal would be disallowed for goalkeeper interference and was surprised when the team management did not choose to challenge the decision with a coaches challenge.

– I think it’s a neat goalkeeper interference. I see it in the pictures too, their guy stops me from getting my thrust out. Quite surprised that we don’t take a coaches challenge to remove it, but they have better pictures than what we see. In any case, I immediately felt that it was a neat goalkeeper interference in the goal yard.

Union captain Sam Hallam explains how the Tre Kronor management reasoned:

– I can go through the process. You have 60 seconds to decide. This is not the time for discussion. But we judged that it was not time for a coaches challenge.

During the WC’s first four games, Jesper Wallstedt and Lasse Johansson have shared the goalkeeping duties.

20-year-old Wallstedt is satisfied with the tournament so far.

– It has felt great. My game continues to develop and I work closely with Ladhe (goalkeeping coach) and the other goalkeepers. I want to get better and better. Both me and Lasse (Johansson) have played good games and we play a defensive game that makes things easier for us. We have been efficient going forward as well. It has been a fun start to the tournament.

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