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Johan Garpenlöv stays in Djurgården

Djurgården’s coaching staff for season 23/24 in the Hockeyallsvenskan is now completely ready.

Sports director KG Stoppel has hinted that positive talks are underway with head coach Johan Garpenlöv about a continuation.

However, no signature has been found in place, until now.

Johan Garpenlöv and Djurgården agree on a new agreement that extends over the 23/24 season, with an option also over the 24/25 season.

– First of all, I am very happy to have been given the opportunity and the trust to continue training Djurgår. I am proud to have been asked to extend, it feels very good and I am really looking forward to this, says Johan Garpenlöv.

KG Stoppel is satisfied that there is continuity in the coaching staff, and can continue with Johan Garpenlöv, as well as the assistant coaches Marcus Ragnarsson and Michael Holmqvist, who already had contracts.

In addition, goalkeeper coach Fredrik Mikko remains.

– We had a really strong end to the season, although of course it was a big disappointment that we didn’t win the last game. I have always felt and emphasized the importance of building on the progress we made, not least in view of the lack of continuity and frequent coach changes in recent years. That’s why this extension feels extra good, says Stoppel.

Djurgården is almost done with its squad

Djurgården has largely put its squad over next season. The forward side was ready until Noah Östlund is expected to sign for the Swedish champions Växjö, which Expressen wrote about on Saturday evening.

Many players remain in the squad, but all of the talented 04 crowd leave for SHL play.

– As for next season, that also feels good. Of course we have some losses, especially in the younger guys who have moved on, but the framework is still there. Through the opportunity to now be able to start together from the start, we can do many things even better. I feel that we will give ourselves a team that can challenge and make a trip next season as well, comments Johan Garpenlöv.

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