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Jukka Jalonen leaves the WC tournament suddenly – flown in by helicopter | Hockey

The Finnish national team has mixed and given so far in the WC tournament. However, well into Friday, the team defeated Hungary by big numbers: 7–1.

Tomorrow, Saturday, it’s time again when Austria stands for the opposition in Tampere.

But the question is if the national team captain Jukka Jalonen is in the box then?

Most things indicate that, but he has a tight schedule – and leaves the WC city before the match, writes Ilta-Sanomat.

The reason? Jalonen will be appointed an honorary doctorate at the Sports University in Jyväskylä.

According to the newspaper, the ceremony starts at 12 o’clock, while the match in Tampere starts at 16.20 local time.

“There is no place to land…”

This at the same time as it takes almost two hours to get between the cities by car and the ceremony itself is estimated to take about an hour.

– Jukka leaves Jyväskylä after the promotion at 2:30 p.m. He should be back before the start of the match, says communications manager Henna Malmberg to the newspaper.

Because the Finnish ice hockey association seems to be sitting on a solution: to use a helicopter as a means of transport.

But there are some problems that can arise beyond the tight schedule.

– There is no place for a helicopter to land near the arena, says Malmberg.

Why is this happening during the World Cup, some may wonder? There is a simple answer, announces the national team.

– We wanted our national team captain to have that opportunity. If he had not been able to receive the award as an honorary doctorate now, the next opportunity would have been in five years at the earliest, or never, says Malmberg.

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