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Kristianstad equalizes the final series against Sävehof | Handball

Sävehof led the final series with 1-0 after the away scalp in Kristianstad last Saturday. But it was the visitors who tightened the grip in the Partille arena on Monday evening. Sävehof’s seven against six game did not work at all initially and IFK Kristianstad threw several balls into the open box and went away to 6-3.

But after a tactical correction and a couple of Simon Möller parries in the goal, the home team caught up to 6-6 and then the teams changed gears.

In minute 23 it really heated up.

Sävehof’s William Andersson Moberg made a breakthrough but was brusquely stopped by defense general Hampus Henningsson. The TV images show that the IFK player hit the opponent with a hand right in the face and Andersson Moberg was lying down for a while.

Red card immediately and finished for Hampus Henningsson, who was not in a good mood when he crashed off the pitch.

But IFK Kristianstad did not collapse from the expulsion and could go to the half-time break with a 14-12 lead after a late but very nice grunt by Emil Frend Öfors.

And at the beginning of the second half, after a furiously intense period where Sävehof turned 15-18 to 19-18, Kristianstad’s top scorer Markus Olsson received a solid push from Elias Á Skipagötu and threw in the back. The entire IFK bench screamed for a red card and protested wildly when the referees settled for a two-minute.

Kalabalik at the final signal

But the visitors kept their composure, were sharpest in the decisive moments and slipped away.

Sävehof had weathering a couple of times, mainly via the 17-year-old giant talent Oli Mittun who contributed with a goal and an assist, but the team did not get a hit back – until the absolutely last, last moment.

In addition, the star Elias Á Skipagötu had to leave after a blow to the head.

With only three seconds left, Sävehof’s Felix Möller pushed in 33-33 – and then things got messy worse. IFK Kristianstad got a ball into the goal and wild cheers at the final signal, but the question is, did it come a little too late?

After some discussion and review of television images, it was clear that the home team was right – the ball crossed the goal line when the clock was already 60:00.

So 33-33 at full time – and extra time 2×5 minutes.

And there Sävehof connected the grip after continued great Oli Mittun dominance. The playing genius from the Faroe Islands, cousin of Elias Á Skipagötu, looked basically unstoppable and ensured the home team led 36-35 after the first five.

And with 38 seconds left in the second overtime half, Sävehof led by two goals, but it wasn’t enough and the drama continued. Ludvig Åström reduced and with three seconds left Albin Selin scored 39-39.

This resulted in another 2×5 minutes of handball drama in front of a loud audience that was almost as sweaty as the players.

Oli Mittun burned a penalty, Sävehof was a little careless and IFK Kristianstad led 42-41 after the first five.

IFK Kristianstad kept the grip and finally won 45-44. Notable is that Markus Olsson splashed 14 balls.

1-1 in matches – the final series continues on Thursday in Kristianstad.

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