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Lasse Johansson’s reaction – when he sees the picture of Sergei Bobrovsky

WC life is playing for Tre Kronor and Lasse Johansson right now.

Ahead of the match against Hungary on Thursday, Sweden has eight points and a recent victory over arch-rival Finland, who wrestled down after penalties.

Lasse Johansson has so far conceded only one goal during the WC and had to keep a clean sheet in his debut.

Just like the rest of the team, he completed an ice session in the Nokia Arena’s training rink with about a day left until the Hungary match.

– It was a bit difficult, we pushed a bit more. I think many look nice with good technique and good shots. I look forward to the future here, says Johansson.

Thoughts on Hungary?

– They won yesterday over France so they probably have a bit of confidence, but I think we should focus on our game and we’ll take it.

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So far in the WC, Lasse Johansson and Jesper Wallstedt have taken turns to stand. Johansson guarded the box against Germany and Finland, Wallstedt got the chance against Austria.

Who the management chooses on Thursday remains to be seen, but regardless of who it is, that goalkeeper will be sweating and losing large amounts of fluid.

This is the case for all players, and especially goalkeepers, preferably in arenas that are warm.

A big talking point in the NHL in recent days has been the pictures of Florida goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky, who loses up to ten kg in every game. His compatriot Andrei Vasilevsky told us a few years ago that he loses about five to ten kg per match.

Fortunately, Lasse Johansson has not experienced the great weight loss in his career.

– Haha, no, not really that much. It is clear that it is hot here and it is hot at home in Scandinavium. You sweat quite a bit, but it’s not really that bad.

How much do you as goalkeepers have to get in resorb and jaw and so on after the games to get back everything you lose?

– Hard to say. I drink quite a lot during the matches and take resorb in each period break. You fill up well with a couple, three litres. Then you have to think about it before you go to bed to drink another liter.

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