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Lowered AIK: “I think Isak was disappointed in me…” | Allsvenskan

In the 66th minute of the match, Justin Salmon was replaced. In the 69th minute of the match, he lowered AIK.

The 24-year-old had to stand completely alone in the penalty area. Calmly, he was able to receive the corner sent in and put in the 2-1 goal. That gave Degerfors IF the victory and three points.

– Incredibly fun! To come in and contribute a goal so that we win the match is incredibly big, says Salmon.

The goal was special. Not only was it his first of the season, it also came against the club that nurtured him.

Salmon belonged to AIK for six years. From the time he was ten to the time he turned 16.

– It is the club in the heart and it was somewhere where I developed a lot during my young years. To be able to score against them, for Degerfors, is incredibly big, says he who tried to hold back the celebration, but…

– It turned out to be something half-baked. Sit cool. It’s hard to sort out your thoughts when the adrenaline is pumping.

Was a teammate with Alexander Isak

In AIK, Justin Salmon belonged to a litter with, among others, Alexander Isak, Isak Hien and Leopold Wahlstedt.

– We had an incredible team where many have stepped out in Europe. Above all, Alexander Isak then with whom I spent a long time in the -99 litter, says Salmon.

Are you still in contact with them? Isaac, for example.

– Yes, some. When Isak was home a few years ago, we got together and played a little football. Then, of course, you keep in touch with a few on Instagram. And when you see them, it’s like you haven’t been away from them. It was such an incredibly tight group. We went out to Europe and played tournaments. Won a lot.

Do you think Isak will send something after the goal now?

– I do not know. I have received a few messages, but nothing from any AIK players.

Maybe Isak and the others are disappointed in you?

– That’s what I’m thinking. I think a lot of people were disappointed.

How come you left AIK?

– Actually, I was a bit lost. Or not failed… But at U17, U19 I wasn’t allowed to continue. It was not my decision. It was obviously tough then. I was young and didn’t know what to do. But it worked out anyway.

Explains the strange celebration

Via Eskilstuna City FK, Karlslunds IF HFK and Västerås SK, Salmon ended up in Degerfors IF. And during Saturday he thus lowered AIK.

How big was this moment in your career?

– Huge-, huge. On Swedish soil, it is absolutely the biggest. Since then, I’ve had rough memories with the national team in Liberia where I’ve met world stars like (Achraf) Hakimi.

Degerfors IF celebrated the victory against AIK with dancing. Players and leaders spun around in a ring with the mascot Lava in the middle.

– We have run the famous ring after each victory and it is a bit funny. From the outside, you might wonder: “What the hell are they doing?”. But we have fun and we are a group that loves each other. That’s how it’s been during all my years here. We do this together.

You have defeated Djurgården IF and AIK at home this year. On Thursday, Hammarby IF will visit. Will there be victory then too?

– Everything is possible at Stora valla as long as we have the audience behind us. And this is where we will score.

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