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Michael Apelgren’s confusion after star Elias Á Skipagötu’s injury | Handball

IFK Kristianstad beat Sävehof away with 45-44 after a gas-hugging final clash with two overtimes.

Sävehof’s coach summarizes the loss as follows:

– It was the ass. A fantastic handball match. We had our chances but were too blurry today. But we mustn’t forget who we meet, says Michael Apelgren.

A moment before regular full time, Sävehof’s star Elias Á Skipagötu received a blow to the head and went out. According to Apelgren, the nine-meter player could have played on, but he was benched for tactical reasons.

– He played a much better match last time. Today, he doesn’t get it the same way.

What about him after the bang?

– It should probably be calm. During the match I learned that he could play but he had a certain cousin (Oli Mittun) who was not bad today. That decision felt right. Elias was not so good today.

“Wasn’t he on the bench, then?”

Elias Á Skipagötu sat on the bench for a short while before he then left. Something that surprises Michael Apelgren.

– I didn’t even turn around and check. So he wasn’t on the bench? I coached based on the fact that I thought Oli was better.

So you thought you had Elias on the bench the whole match?

– Mm.

What did you say to him when he left the field?

– I didn’t talk to Elias. I thought “come on, Oli, fix this damn thing”. He was great.

“Now he stands here and lies”

Michael Apelgren takes a new stance on the fact that he did not know about Skipagötu’s absence:

– I understand that you are standing here and thinking “now he is standing here lying here”. But I learned he could play. I didn’t think about it, I chose not to play him. Then one might think that Mikael Apelgren should have a little more insight. But it was quite messy, says Sävehof’s coach with a smile.

Elias Á Skipagötu is in any case ready to play on Thursday when the final series rolls on in Kristianstad. 1-1 in matches it says.

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