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Mjällby’s Hasse Larsson is reported by Häcken

A big fight broke out during the cup final between Häcken and Mjällby.

Samuel Gustafson and Mjällby’s sporting director Hasse Larsson had a fight at halftime.

Now the sports manager is reported by Häcken to the Swedish Football Association, states SVT.

BK Häcken became cup champions this weekend when they defeated Mjällby at Strandvallen with 4–0.

Afterwards, there was a ruckus between the two teams.

SVT reported that Häcken’s Samuel Gustafson was ready to do a TV interview when Mjällby’s sporting director Hasse Larsson allegedly pushed him.

“We must mark”

The incident took place outside the changing rooms and led to a brawl in which several players were involved.

Now reporting SVT that Häcken acted and reported Larsson to the Swedish Football Association and the disciplinary committee.

– It’s about a sports manager who physically attacks a player completely unprovoked in a cup final in a mixed zone. We feel that we must mark against that. We do that with this report, says club manager Marcus Jodin to the site.

Hasse Larsson
Hasse Larsson

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