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No VAR in Allsvenskan 2024

The debate about VAR being or not being in Swedish football is a hot debate. Of the 31 highest-ranked leagues in Europe, Sweden is the only country that still has not made a decision on the matter. Much has been said in favor of this decision coming this autumn, at the association’s representative board meeting.

But that will not be the case.

The Swedish Football Association announces on Wednesday that a decision on the matter will be delayed, and that a VAR decision will therefore not be made at the representative body meeting. This means that there will be no VAR in the Allsvenskan next season.

– The message after the meeting is that there is a need for further analysis and deepening around the use of VAR. The confederation’s board will therefore not submit a proposal for a decision on the VAR issue to the football representative body meeting in November, the statement from the confederation states.

Recently, the association’s newly elected chairman Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke out on the VAR issue.

– It is a complicated question. There will be a discussion, but no decision. We need to see where this issue lies and there are good arguments on both sides. We have Swedish clubs that have said no, on the other hand, VAR is used in large parts of Europe where it meets our referees, national teams and players. We work with VAR prerequisites – should we then continue to keep it from us? We have to weigh all of this and I don’t have an answer to the question today, he stated.

The text is updated.

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