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Noah Östlund replaces Joel Kellman in Växjö Lakers

A few days ago, Växjö Lakers announced that Dan Sexton is leaving the club, even though he had a contract.

Now comes the next player to leave Växjö in the form of Joel Kellman.

According to information to Smålandspostenwhich Expressen also learned about, Joel Kellman is leaving the club even though he has a contract.

Noah Östlund has accepted the Växjö Lakers

However, Växjö has already decided who will replace him.

According to Expressen’s information, Djurgården’s 19-year-old Noah Östlund will step in. There is no signed contract, but it is expected to be ready in the next few days.

Djurgården’s sports director KG Stoppel writes in an SMS to Expressen that there is a difference between continued play in Djurgården and an SHL club.

Expressen’s sources say that Östlund has decided on Växjö, and verbally agreed.

Joel Kellman’s future is currently not clear. Växjö are obliged to pay him a salary as long as a buyout has not taken place or a new club is ready that can take over the salary.

Växjö’s sporting director Henrik Evertsson has been contacted for a comment, without success.

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