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Norway heading for a blowout against Canada

Norway has had a tough World Cup after only one win in the opening five matches.

But against the big favorite Canada, you’re on your way to a huge upset.

After two periods, the Norwegians lead the match 2–1.

Norway got off to a good start against group three Canada, when Andreas Martinsen made it 1-0 midway into the first period.

And right into the middle period, the lead was extended to two goals after Sondre Olden netted.

Barely halfway into the period, however, Canada got winded, when they reduced to 1-2 through Milan Lucic.

In the final stage of the second period, Norway then got the chance to play the power play for five minutes, after Adam Fantilli received a match penalty for a head tackle.

If Norway were to hold off, it would be a huge shock, as they had only defeated Canada once before in a total of 24 WC meetings between the teams.

The match is in progress.

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