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“Not worried about him at all”

Malmö FF have won eight matches out of as many possible in the opening of the Allsvenskan season and are flying forward right now.

Along with the team’s strong performances, the great talent Hugo Larsson has simultaneously stepped up further and taken a permanent place behind the veteran Anders Christiansen in the midfield.

– Since he turned down an offer this winter, people have not felt in him that he would lose himself – on the contrary, he has only felt even better, says Anders Christiansen.

“That’s why he has taken steps”

MFF’s central midfield has been a key behind the success. Both Christiansen and Hugo Larsson have been given there. While the Dane speaks warmly of his midfield colleague, he does not want to take on a mentoring role.

– No, I don’t want to say that. I don’t want to take “credit” when it is Hugo’s own talent and head that have taken him to where he is today. It is up to each individual to take care of their own development and I think he has done that in a fantastic way. That is why he has taken the steps as quickly as he has.

– We have found each other well together with Sergio (Peña) in midfield. We talk to each other a lot on and off the field.

Hugo Larsson has been a tone-setting player for Malmö FF this season.


“Expectations have become high”

This summer, Hugo Larsson can leave Malmö for large sums and go to a better league with greater competition.

But the 32-year-old Dane feels at ease that the talent will make the right choice.

– I am not at all worried about Hugo, this season he has really had his breakthrough and expectations have become high. He has only gotten better than last year, it’s fun to see his development, says Christiansen.

“He will do that one more time”

Christiansen has not given any specific advice to Larsson – other than to follow his own feeling.

– He has his family who know him better than I do and his agent who knows what opportunities he has, he says.

– The most important thing is that he follows his gut, he did that this winter and he will do that once more. Most of the time, your gut feeling is the best indication of whether you are doing right or wrong.

How do you see the match against Häcken on Sunday?

– It will be exciting. Yes, but it’s clear, we face the gold favorites and it’s the most difficult match. They are the reigning champions.

How is your own form right now?

– It looks incredibly good.

On Sunday, May 21, Häcken awaits Malmö FF at home at Eleda Stadium.

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