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Oliver Berg broke the goal drought: “Has a rule book”

Oliver Berg broke the goal drought and lowered Häcken.

After the victory, he tells about the secret behind the punishment.

– I have my rulebook that I follow, says the Norwegian.

Oliver Berg had only been responsible for two assists in nine games in the Djurgårdsträyan, but against Häcken, the new acquisition finally had to break the goal drought.

When Djurgården received a penalty in the 72nd minute, Berg quickly took care of the ball and went to stand for himself while discussions about the penalty continued.

After the 1-0 victory, he talked about how his thoughts went before the penalty.

– I have my rulebook that I follow when it comes to penalties. I follow a football researcher who has drawn up a conclusion. Then I have something to think about and do something right, he says.

What is the most important thing?

– To get away from people. It is important so that you can stand and focus on yourself and to take it easy and actually accept that you are nervous. There is nothing strange about it.

“Crush the Gnat”

Berg put the penalty away safely and scored the first goal of the season.

– It’s nice. The most important thing is that we win and that we do the performance we do. But if we’re going to talk about my goal, it’s very nice.

The effort against Häcken was perhaps Djurgården’s best of the season.

– I’m not going to pull too big gears, but the feeling is very good. Our first half is excellent. We dominate Häcken. Then it might be a bit more even, but I don’t think Häcken has created so little in any match for a very long time, so it’s credit to the whole group, says Berg.

After the victory, the Norwegian once drew a “crush AIK” chant. But he had not chosen it himself.

– I have a job to do when it comes to learning all the rhymes here, so every time I get the microphone I go up to Magnus (Eriksson) and ask “what should I say?”. Then he said “crush the gnat”, so then I thought it was a good idea to drive it.

How will the derby be?

– It is going to be fun. We have shown that we like playing here in front of our home crowd. I could have played tomorrow. It will be extremely fun.

Oliver Berg.
Oliver Berg.

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