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Orla Melissa Sloan stalked Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour • Premier League

Pretended to be pregnant – admitted in court

Influencer Orla Melissa Sloan, 21, has admitted stalking Premier League players Billy Gilmour and Mason Mount.

She claimed to have become pregnant with the former.

– I don’t know who I can trust anymore, says Billy Gilmour in questioning according to British media.

Billy Gilmour, Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell have all had a relationship with Orla Melissa Sloan in some way.

She is a 21-year-old influencer who at various times stalked the PL players.

“Message Bombardment”

On Wednesday, she pleaded guilty, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, to one count of harassment without violence and two counts of stalking.

The court heard that Sloan had sex with Mason Mount at a party at Ben Chilwell’s house in November 2020 and then dated the player for four months before Mount broke off their relationship.

– When he informed Sloan of this, he was subjected to a bombardment of messages before he blocked the number, prosecutor Jason Seetal told the court, according to British media.

Orla Melissa Sloan.
Orla Melissa Sloan.

They will arrive on June 20

Sloan allegedly used a total of 21 different numbers to keep in touch with Mount.

The influencer then targeted Billy Gilmour instead, who left Chelsea for Brighton last September.

Sloan stalked him for six weeks between September 10 and October 28, 2022 and claimed to have gotten the 21-year-old Brit pregnant.

– I don’t know who I can trust anymore, Gilmour has said in questioning.

Orla Melissa Sloan is released pending sentencing, which will be handed down on June 20.

Mason Mount.
Mason Mount.

Billy Gilmour.
Billy Gilmour.

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