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Patrik Nemeth’s trick – taking an ice bath before a match • Hockey WC

The explanation for the pictures: “I’m not alone in this”

TAMMERFORS. He is a fan of Fiji water and ice baths – before matches.

Patrik Nemeth, 31, gave an explanation for the attention-grabbing images.

– How do you feel when you jump into the lake when it’s eight degrees? he asks himself.

A normal health trend among elite athletes is to take an ice bath after training or a match, for the recovery of tired or exhausted muscles.

But ahead of Sweden’s fifth group stage match, against France, in Tampere tweeted Three Crowns out a picture that surprised.

“Patrick Nemeth doesn’t warm up like everyone else…” one wrote.

“I wake up to”

The 31-year-old back jumped into an ice bath before going down.

Afterwards he explained his ritual.

– It’s something I’ve been driving lately. I think it works well and I think I wake up and feel a bit more energetic, he says.

You’ve heard of ice baths afterwards – but before?

– How do you feel when you jump into the lake when it’s eight degrees? Then you will be a little more energetic. That’s the feeling I get. It’s nice. I think it works just fine. It’s not something I drive and judge my match based on, it’s something that feels good.

Is it something you can get goosebumps over? Because you feel quite alone about it.

– Not really. There are two others who run it. Zetterlund and Bengtsson, says Nemeth with a broad smile.

Patrick Nemeth.
Patrick Nemeth.

Fiji water

When Sportbladet met Anton Lindholm and Pär Lindholm to uncover the secrets of Three Crowns earlier this week, the former told that Nemeth had also been involved in other health trends in the past.

– He seems to have put it aside a bit, but when I played with him, he only drank Fiji water, for the sake of the PH value. I think he went to Johnny Oduya’s school. He had a backpack with him on away tours with lots of organic food supplements and other stuff, Lindholm said then.

The Arizona back smiles when asked about the Fiji water.

– I like to try things and see what works. It is fun. It is good to drink good water.

Do you also drive it here in Tampere? After all, Finland has the cleanest water in Europe.

– No, then I don’t have to. But sometimes in some places I do.

Sweden defeated the French 4–0 and qualified for the World Cup quarter-finals, despite two games remaining before then.

You can find everything about the hockey World Cup here.

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