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Person in Gai’s organization reported to the police

A person in Gai’s organization has been reported for illegal threats in connection with Saturday’s match against Jönköping Södra.

The threat must have been directed at the referee of the match.

– We have to gather information and process it internally, says Gai’s chairman Roland Blomstrand.

After Gay loss against Jönköping Södra, the referees were escorted out of Gamla Ullevi.

– There is a threat to the referees, stated the match delegate Nicklas Bengtsson when he spoke to GP.

Threats to the judges

According to Sportbladet’s information, a person in Gai’s organization has been reported to the police for illegal threats against the referees. Chairman Roland Blomstrand confirms it, but does not want to comment further.

– Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything, because I wasn’t there today and don’t have enough information to make a statement, says Blomstrand.

– We have to collect information and process it internally.

The referees were given a police escort out of the arena after the match.
The referees were given a police escort out of the arena after the match.

“Is there a named person”

The police’s spokesperson in the West region, Jens Andersson, confirms that a report of illegal threats has been received.

– There is a named person, but I cannot comment more than that. What has happened or who it is and so on, says Andersson.

– I can really only confirm that there has been a report of illegal threats directed at the referees in the match.

The Swedish Football Association’s head of security, Martin Fredman, speaks The soccer channel that the suspected threat can be described as “disgusting and unnecessary”.

– These are objects that have been placed in the judge’s room. Few people have access to it, but then I don’t want to go into more than that. We have secured film footage of the incident and in the player corridor, so it is documented on photo and film. It has been handed over to the police, says Fredman.

Gais lost

Gai’s match against Jönköping Södra stirred up a lot of emotions both on the pitch and in the stands.

Gais player Richard Friday was expelled for a filming at the end of the first half and the crowd vented their displeasure with Martin Strömbergsson’s refereeing team after a late winning goal for the away team.

Sportbladet has searched for the person reported to the police.

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