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Peter Antoine grateful after the final in the Swedish Cup

Peter Antoine grateful

Peter Antoine is still angry about what happened before the final in the Swedish Cup.

At the same time, he is happy about the reactions afterwards.

– The response I received has helped me get over all this, says Antoine.

The legendary one Mjällby AIF- the coach Peter Antoine, 78, was stopped in the entrance when he would enter the final of the Swedish Cup.

Antoine’s free ticket did not apply because the match was sold out and he was furiously forced to go home in his car.

Many reactions

It led to reactions. Among other things, Hammarby invited Antoine to the ladies’ cup final on June 6.

– I have received so much positive response after your articles, says Antoine.

– Here in my little village of Hällevik, it’s not a fucking piece of shit that stands up for me anymore. They think that “this high-spirited German bastard, damn it, he can go to hell because he has nothing to do here”. I think that’s a damn shame, but the response I’ve received has helped me get over all of this.

Antoine continues to tell:

– My wife said that there are a lot of people who have heard positively on Facebook. I can’t do that, but they have called and talked positive, positive, positive.

– I am very grateful for the support I have received. And I will always thank the people who have stood up for me. But I don’t know more, because I only have a regular phone. My wife has a phone where you can read.

Don’t understand the explanation

Antoine is still angry about the situation where he was stopped.

– They were on their way to pick up four guards. It’s ridiculous. I am a legless cripple in a wheelchair. I think it was so fucking rude, I’ve never been with my husband.

He does not buy the explanation that the standing free ticket would not apply to a sold-out cup final.

– I don’t understand at all. I only understand one thing: That I was not welcome to the match and I was not welcome to Mjällby. What the hell am I supposed to understand? If I had been pissed off, I would have understood that they said stop. But you, I had been dying to go in and watch football.

“Very boring”

Mjällby’s club manager Jacob Lennartsson regrets that Antoine was not allowed to enter the match.

– He has been with us for a long time and we appreciate that he is at Strandvallen. We have seen the films that have been circulated, but if Peter wants to discuss a matter that is very clear to us, he is very welcome to Strandvallen. He has his free pass that is valid for Strandvallen’s Allsvenskan matches and this was an exceptional case, says Lennartsson.

How does it feel that it turned out the way it did with a legendary coach at the club?

– I think it is very sad that Peter was not allowed to enter the match, but I think it is equally sad that we had 3,000 more people with youth players and parents and other supporters who did not get tickets. It grates on my heart that not everyone got to experience a fantastic football party.

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