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Phil Neville’s Anger – Scolds Reporter | Football

It was a prestigious meeting from an Allsvenskan perspective. This when the former AIK players Robin Jansson and Nicolas Stefanelli were pitted against each other.

It was later the former who had to celebrate a victory with his Orlando City after the meeting with Inter Miami in the MLS.

The 3-1 loss to the latter caused some irritation in the Miami camp, the club owned by David Beckham. Something that showed up at the press conference after the match.

Then it was former Manchester United and Everton profile Phil Neville who fired at a reporter who interrupted him in the middle of a question.

– May I finish speaking? Or are you going to interrupt me again? “Can I finish, okay?” said a seemingly annoyed Neville.

In the background, a reporter can be heard talking at the same time.

– It’s because I didn’t interrupt your question, so don’t interrupt my answer. Show some fucking respect. Sorry for my bad language… but… sorry, what was the question again? Put it back, please, Neville is heard saying.

After about half the regular season played, Inter Miami is in 12th place out of 15 teams in the Eastern Conference.

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