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Sam Hallam defends Alexander Nylander

TAMMERFORS/STOCKHOLM. Tre Kronor’s union captain Sam Hallam wants Alexander Nylander to get more respect.

He should not be paired with his brother or father.

– It has not affected me, says Nylander himself about the uproar around William.

At the beginning of the hockey World Cup talked Alexander Nylander that he would love to play with big brother William.

However, there was none William Nylander in the World Cup, even though he got the go-ahead from the Toronto Maple Leafs, and at the same time, Alexander has been short on ice time and has sometimes been stuck as a 13th forward.

Hallam: “More respect”

After Monday’s match against Denmark, national team captain Sam Hallam comments on how the situation around Alexander Nylander has been handled.

– I think he is doing well. At the same time, one might wish that he gets more respect from those who talk, says Hallam.

He then continues:

– You must treat him for who he is and not pair him up with either his father or his brother. Maybe he should have gotten a little more respect from the outside, but I think Alex has handled it very, very well.

Nylander: “It’s calm”

Alexander Nylander himself is happy to have been able to play more again and also says that the headlines surrounding his brother have not had a negative impact.

– It is quiet. I only focus on the team here and our goal is to win the WC gold. Obviously, a lot has happened here, but it hasn’t affected me. It’s clear that I know there has been a lot about the brother, but I’m just focusing on me and the team here, says Nylander.

– I have more important things to think about than that. I have let the union and the brother take that talk.

Why hasn’t William appeared here?

– I have no comments on it.

Alexander Nylander hopes to play with William i Three Crowns in the future.

– We have talked about everything possible. He has been watching my matches. We have talked and it is clear that I would have liked to play with him. We have many chances in the future where that could happen.

“It’s okay”

Sam Hallam thinks Alexander Nylander made a pass in the 4-1 win against Denmark.

– It’s okay. It’s tough, we could have had a few more power plays, maybe he would have gotten into the game even more. But this is how it is in a tournament, players come in and players go out. I think Alex shows today that he fits well as a right forward and does what he needs for the team.

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