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Sam Hallam with comments after the question about Nylander in SVT

Tre Kronor and Sam Hallam have been clear and secretive. They don’t intend to talk about current NHL players for the World Cup – and when the announcement that the squad was nailed, without William Nylander, the speculation began.

The Toronto star has said himself that he wants to play in the World Cup, but will now not be playing.

According to information in North America, William has assessed that he could take a place from his younger brother Alexander, who has been an extra forward for the last two games.

After Sweden’s victory against France, SVT’s reporter Johan Kücükaslan asked national team captain Sam Hallam questions about Nylander.

– You have made a decision not to talk about players who are in the squad. It increases the speculation, with hindsight, are you happy with that decision? asked Kücükaslan.

– A lot. I’ve made you (the media) angry. I understand how much you talk about it. But I can’t go out and talk about players. I think it would be professional. We cannot go on and say if a player is injured or what it is due to. It’s about privacy. It’s like having your editorial meetings in public, Hallam replied.

“The media has taken a wild chance”

He continued:

– Especially when it comes to Nylander, a lot of focus has been put on it. But much of the speculation has come from the media who have taken wild chances and thrown things out. We have chosen to say that when we have something, we have communicated it.

When Kücükaslan asked if Nylander’s absence was a decision by Sam Hallam, that Nylander simply does not fit in the squad, Hallam got angry.

– Now we have chosen to hold a line. When you say that, you are incredibly arrogant. We are talking about a world player in William Nylander. The question is badly asked, said Hallam.

Kücükaslan tried to explain the matter further. Hallam replied with a silent look.

Hallam about the interview in SVT

For Expressen, Hallam explains what he thought about the interview in SVT.

– I think there was an arrogance when you questioned Williams’ quality as a hockey player. Enough about that.

Could you have been more transparent in the Nylander case to kill the speculation?

– I think that speculation has been fueled by the media. We have been clear from the beginning. When we have something to communicate, we will. Then we chose to communicate today that as the squad looks, we will complete. So we have been as transparent as we could have been, he says and continues:

– I think I have been as open as I can be about the situation.

How has the team reacted to this?

– Not at all, I would say. I think they are used to it. Many have played the World Cup before, and this is part of the World Cup.

Alexander Nylander, who was wanted to be interviewed by several media companies after the match against France, did not meet the press on Saturday evening.

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“William Nylander is Voldemort of Three Crowns”

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