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Sam Hallam’s anger in SVT: “Incredibly arrogant”

William Nylander’s being or not being in the World Cup squad has been a long series.

And when national team captain Sam Hallam was asked questions about the forward in SVT once again, he soured.

– When you say that, you are incredibly arrogant, says Sam Hallam.

Sweden defeated France very comfortably with 4–0.

But during the postgame when Sam Hallam once again got questions about William Nylander’s to be or not to be in the squad, he really soured.

Among other things, he called SVT’s reporter Johan Kücükaslan “incredibly arrogant”.

Sam Hallam got mad at Johan Kücükaslan in the SVT studio.
Sam Hallam got mad at Johan Kücükaslan in the SVT studio.

“The question is poorly posed”

After many ifs and buts it seems Tre Kronor have to do without William Nylander in the rest of the tournament.

And when Johan Kücükaslan asked if it was a question if there was a decision made based on him not placing, it became a really chilly atmosphere.

– If we say so. Now we have chosen to hold a line. But when you say that, you are incredibly arrogant. You are talking about a world player in William Nylander. So, the question is badly asked and we are happy to talk about the players who are here, says Sam Hallam in SVT.

“As usual”

Afterwards, Sam Hallam commented on the spat in SVT further.

– It is as usual. You say what you think and try to be open and honest. Then people can interpret it however they want, said the union captain and continued:

– William and I have a professional relationship and I cannot go out and talk about what I talk to different players about. I understand it’s open to speculation, but I still ask for respect. Regarding SVT, I think there was an arrogance where they questioned Williams’ qualities as a hockey player in disguised terms, says Hallam.

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