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Sävehof won the first final against Kristianstad

Updated 19:47 | Published 19:42

Sävehof has secured an early hold on the SM final series against Kristianstad.

The Partille team won the first of five finals away from home after a great performance by Elias Ellefsen at Skipagötu.

– He is absolutely magical, says C More’s expert Jennie Linnéll.

Both Kristianstad and Sävehof have sailed through the playoffs until the final without any real difficulties. But in the first SC final between the teams, it was away team Sävehof who pulled the longest and won 29–34.

Made a jerk

After an even start where the teams exchanged goals with each other, it was Sävehof that made a breakthrough in the first half. The away team went away to a six-goal lead after just over 20 minutes, and Kristianstad found it difficult to respond. At half-time, however, the difference was down to three, but in the second the Partille team extended the lead and finally won 29–34.

Andreas Cederholm and Elias Á Skipagøtu in a duel.
Andreas Cederholm and Elias Á Skipagøtu in a duel.

Skipagötu match hero

A big factor in the fact that it was the away team that won the first SC final was the Faroese midfielder Elias Ellefson á Skipagötu. The 21-year-old was behind most things offensively, and accounted for four goals and eight assists.

– I think he is absolutely magical. He is behind Sävehof’s first seven or eight goals. He wins the fight, he creates spaces. It is not enough to remove his game when he is behind so much else, says C More expert Jennie Linnéll.

At the same time, the goalkeeper Simon Möller nailed again completely backwards and Sävehof was able to keep Krisitanstad at a relatively comfortable distance throughout the second half.

After the match, despite the win, it was a restrained Skipagötu who reached C More’s microphone.

– We are having a hard time at times today, but we stand as winners so we will do okay. I’m very happy, but it’s only one match so far, says the Sävehof player.

Sävehof won the first of five SC finals away from home. The next final will be played on Monday 22 May in Partille Arena.

Simon Möller played great.
Simon Möller played great.

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