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Sevilla to the final – after extra time drama against Juventus

What have you been up to in the last decade?

Sevilla have been to five Europa League finals.

– They are almost invincible, says Viaplay expert Jonas Olsson, after they beat Juventus.

Sevilla’s path to the secured final place was marked by a controversial decision.

At the end of the first half, Oliver Torres was brought down by Juventus’ Juan Cuadrado on the penalty area line. The referee didn’t blow a penalty – and the Spaniards went crazy.

The decision was made

In the break studio, people were confused about the verdict.

– If you sit in the VAR room and don’t judge that hit… Sevilla should have a penalty kick. He hits and it’s on the line. I don’t understand how you can judge this to be outside. It’s punishment, they say Bojan Djordjic.

– It is completely sunny. It is unbelievable. Then it’s a completely insane investment in that situation, says Glenn Stromberg.

Yes, everyone agreed: it would have been punishment.

Jubilation in Seville after Suso's goal.
Jubilation in Seville after Suso’s goal.

Mourinho’s Roma on

Instead, Juventus took the lead just over an hour into the match, when substitute Dusan Vlahovic chipped in 1-0.

Sevilla got revenge for the missed penalty when Susu equalized in the 71st minute.

The match went to extra time, where Erik Lamela decided. Sevilla have now reached five finals in the last ten years.

– Looking at the double meeting, Sevilla wins quite fairly. Here at home in this arena, with the crowd behind them, they are next to invincible, says Viaplay expert Jonas Olsson.

In Germany, Roma had 1–0 to go on before the return against Bayer Leverkusen. And the Italians would sweat it out. To say the least.

Leverkusen created 20 chances while Roma had to settle for one. But what did it do when the efficiency was not there at Leverkusen. Roma held off, and are ready for the Europa League final.

Mourinho's Roma are through to the final.
Mourinho’s Roma are through to the final.

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