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The Hungarian youth tuned in to the domestic football European Championship with a defeat

The Hungarian U17 national football team, which is preparing for the domestic European Championship, suffered a one-goal defeat by the Serbian team in the main test of the continental competition on Wednesday, MTI reported.
According to the report of the website of the Hungarian association, the team of national coach Attila Belvon started the match in Telki more energetically and dangerously, but could not turn their advantage into a goal until the break.

The picture of the game did not change in the continuation, despite this, the Serbians, also participating in the European Championship, scored the winning goal after a corner in the 71st minute.

“I’m sorry that we can’t start the last stage of the European Championship preparation with a sense of success, all the more because we had every chance to win the match. In terms of defense and organization, we achieved what we planned, we had possessions, our transitions were fine, but in the attacking third, we made a mistake every now and then,” said Attila Belvon after the last match before the European Championship .

We made bad decisions in finishing, in the last passes, or we were not precise enough, we definitely have to make progress in this until the European Championship.

The Hungarians will begin their participation in the European Championship on May 17, their first opponent will be the Welsh national team at the Nándor Stadium in Új Hidegkuti.

They will meet the Poles on May 20 and the Irish on the 23rd in the group stage, the latter two matches being held at the Pancho Arena in Felcsút.

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