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The Kardashian curse sunk Arsenal(?) in the Premier League

Man City are champions, Kim Kardashian is blamed for Arsenal losing the league race and Harry Kane chooses between Tottenham and Man United.

Here are today’s English football headlines.

THEORY OF THE WEEKEND: The Kardashian Curse

The “Kardashian curse” has been put forward as a theory for Arsenal’s loss in the league race by CBS as well as The Mirror and the Daily Mail (with a twinkle in their eye, presumably).

The London club were eight points clear of Man City in March – before Kim Kardashian visited with her family to watch the Europa League clash with Sporting Lisbon at The Emirates. Kardashian was awarded a jersey with the number one on the back by player Eddie Nketiah. Then the home team lost the match and thus went out of the tournament.

Since then, Arsenal have won four, drawn three and lost three. The defeat away to Nottingham Forest (0–1) was the final nail in the coffin.

Kardashian also visited Paris Saint-Germain and saw the team lose their first home league game in 715 days after 0-2 to Rennes…

Kim Kardashian (left) and designer Sarah Staudinger (right)
Kim Kardashian (left) and designer Sarah Staudinger (right)

Daily Mail's sportetta.
Daily Mail’s sportetta.

STATE OF THE WEEKEND: Arsenal historic

It’s not really a record anyone wants to hold, but Arsenal spent the longest time at the top of Premier League-table without winning. The 248 days beat Newcastle’s old record of 212 from the 1995/1996 season.

Thus, Man City spent only 35 days in the number one spot. Lowest number of days for a league champion since the 2013/2014 season when the Manchester club were actually only top for a total of 15 days before the title was secured.

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: Hope almost dead for Allardyce

– If we win next week in some miraculous way and stay in the Premier League, then we have a long way to go in terms of the quality of the squad. I may not be kind to them (the players) but that’s just what my experienced eyes see at the moment, said interim coach Sam Allardyce after Leeds’ loss to West Ham.

The bottom gang, third from bottom in this one now, face Tottenham in the last round and don’t have it all in their own hands as Everton picked up a point away to Wolves.

Sam Allardyce.
Sam Allardyce.

DILEMMA OF THE WEEKEND: Kane’s last match?

Peter Crouch has told Harry Kane, whose contract expires next summer, that he has only two realistic options this summer: Stay at Tottenham or go to Manchester United.

– I asked him if the match against Brentford was his last (at home) and he gave me a very diplomatic answer. I don’t think he knows yet, the former Tottenham player told BT.

– Where can he go? Manchester City have so they manage now. Manchester United is really the only real option that I can see. You can’t go to Chelsea or Arsenal.

Also sitting in the studio was Pontus Jansson, who soon moved back home to Malmö, who was the only one to say outright that he thinks Harry Kane should stay.

Harry Kane
Harry Kane

END OF THE WEEKEND: Hayes pays tribute to Eriksson

Magdalena Eriksson got her perfect farewell in the last home game for Chelsea. The reactions at Kingsmeadow were mixed after the victory against Arsenal, partly joy that the WSL title is close and that Eriksson became the goalscorer.

But also sadness at losing one of its biggest characters who has been at the club since 2017.

– Everyone wanted her (Eriksson) to get this fairytale ending. She has been our captain and leader. I know how much work she has put in behind the scenes to get the team to where it is now. I look out over the field and all I see are years of work in the background, says coach Emma Hayes according to the BBC.

Eriksson and Pernille Harder are ready for a move to Bayern Munich.

The Arsenal players are depressed after the loss against Nottingham.
The Arsenal players are depressed after the loss against Nottingham.

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