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The movie list: The best movies in theaters right now.

Mark Jenkins’ fishy, ​​raspy, black-and-white “Bait” became an instant cult classic when it appeared out of nowhere four years ago. Now he’s back with a new experimental exercise from his beloved Cornwall. On Friday is the Swedish cinema premiere of his expressionist folk horror “Enys men”, which revolves around a volunteer (Mary Woodvine) for a nature conservation organization who every day conscientiously investigates the condition of an extremely rare flower that grows in contaminated soil in the ruins of a closed tin mine. A peculiar bird that is a strange concoction of “boredom, emptiness, beauty, horror, mania and magic that you only experience in total solitude and which is rarely portrayed so accurately on film”, writes DN’s Kerstin Gezelius in her review.

Another newcomer to this week’s cinema list is Mathieu Vadepied’s “Father and Soldier” with Omar Sy, which deals with France’s colonial sins where forced black soldiers became cannon fodder on the battlefields of the First World War. A French drama with political explosiveness that is said to have prompted President Macron to improve pension conditions for, among others, Senegalese veterans of the Second World War.

1. “Corset”

Drama. Director: Marie Kreutzer

With: Vicky Krieps, Colin Morgan and others

Dreamy, melancholic and anachronistic queen film that gives a new image of the complex, fashion and beauty icon Elisabeth of Austria.

2. “Tar”

Drama. Director: Todd Field

With: Cate Blanchett, Nina Hoss and others

Star conductor juggles career and family on his way to the top. A masterful portrayal of power, music and metoo.

3. “Ellos eat now. Let the river live”

Drama. Director: Ole Giaever

With: Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen, Sofia Jannok

The Sami activism that exploded around the Alta conflict in Northern Norway is the focus of a strong drama about identity and resistance.

4. “The Silent Girl”

Drama. Director: Colm Bairéad

With: Carrie Crowley, Catherine Clinch and others

Heartbreaking Irish drama about vulnerability and longing for love based on Claire Keegan’s acclaimed short novel “The Third Light”.

5. “The three Musketeers. D’Artagnan”

Adventure. Director: Martin Bourboulon

With: Vincent Cassel, Eva Green and others

Fancy, ambitious and entertaining French reinterpretation of the old classic about the sword-fighting quartet.

6. “Before, now and then”

Drama. Director: Kamila Andini

Starring: Happy Salma, Arswendy Bening Swara

An elegant costume drama set against a dark background of the anti-communist massacre that shook Indonesia in the 60s.

7. “Dalva”

Drama. Director: Emmanuelle Nicot

With: Zelda Samson, Fanta Guirassy and others

Controversial and dark yet hopeful French film about a young incest victim who regains her stolen childhood.

8. “Enys but” (new)

Folk horror. Director: Mark Jenkin

With. Mary Woodvine, Edward Rowe and others.

British cult director Mark Jenkin follows up the successful debut “Bait” with a horror-filled study in total solitude.

9. “Beau is afraid”

Drama. Director: Ari Aster

With. Joaquin Phoenix, Nathan Lane, etc

Hysterical and crazy road movie about a mother-bound man who fights for his life to get home.

10. “Father and Soldier” (new)

Drama. Director: Mathieu Vadepied

With: Omar Sy, Assane Diong, etc.

Searing reckoning with France’s colonial past where black forced soldiers became cannon fodder.

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