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The mystery of Loreen’s winning song during the WC – Finland (!) chose the song

Premiere of WC pulse – Expressen’s podcast about the hockey WC:

There is half an hour left until the puck is dropped in the meeting between Tre Kronor and Finland. The heating is in progress. The players are on opposite sides of the ice.

Then “Tattoo” – the song Loreen won Eurovision with two days earlier – begins to roar out of the Nokia Arena’s speaker system.

Just under a minute later, the speaker breaks in:

“The teams have each had to choose their own song to warm up to. Sweden has chosen ‘Tattoo’ – with Loreen!”

Scattered shouts are heard from the blue and white supporters in the Nokia Arena.

A few hours later, they are also forced to state that Tre Kronor wins yet another World Cup match against Finland on Finnish soil. Lucas Raymond and Lasse Johansson become the big match heroes when Sweden pinches the victory after a penalty decision.

The same Raymond is asked in the mixed zone who in Tre Kronor chose Loreen’s song during the warm-up.

He leans slightly on his club knob and laughs:

– Haha, I don’t know who chose it. It’s not me anyway. It’s a good song and it’s fun that Sweden won Eurovision.

Who do you think chose it?

– I’m guessing Sandin. He likes Eurovision very much and he was riveted when it was broadcast. Ask him!

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Sandin in mixed.


Expressen’s interview mike swims a few minutes later to Rasmus Sandin.

He laughs even louder when he learns that Raymond pointed at him.

– I haven’t actually heard the song. I’m not one to follow Eurovision very much, especially not Melodifestivalen because we’re over there in Canada and the USA.

Raymond claims you chose it – because you’re such a Eurovision fan.

– Haha… He is so terribly young and immature, that guy. Nah, I haven’t really heard the song.

Who do you think it is then?

– If I’m being completely honest, I guess Jonatan Berggren. He’s really a cozy guy with Friday snuggles, sinking into the sofa and all that. I think he is the one who chose it.

Forwards the puck to the “older guard”

Two days have passed in the Finnish WC city Tampere. It is Wednesday and no one has yet been able to answer who in Tre Kronor was clever enough to tease their Finnish neighbors before the match by playing Tattoo in Nokia Arena.

After the team completed its first real training in several days on Wednesday morning, Jonatan Berggren – the latest to be accused of being behind the song choice – stops by Expressen.

He maintains that he is innocent.

– Lol! I should probably thank and tick off that comment, but unfortunately not. But I like watching Eurovision and I like Loreen, so I’m not complaining.

Who do you want to forward it to?

– Oh… But maybe the slightly older guard. Maybe “Della” (Jacob de la Rose) or “Limpan” (Linus Johansson). They like some classical music.

A few more hours pass and the Express has now found its way to Sweden’s player hotel in Tampere.

Linus Johansson and Jonathan Pudas are sitting on a sofa in the hotel lobby.

Johansson, who is usually the captain of Färjestad, looks clearly surprised when he learns that Berggren passed the puck to him.

– Huh? Ah, I’ll take it then.

But, was it you?

– Well, it certainly wasn’t. I put it on Hugosson. It’s fun.

Mountain Branch.


Appropriately enough, Tre Kronor’s press manager Linus Hugosson sits only a couple of chairs away in the lobby, so on the way out of the hotel Expressen manages to confront him with Linus Johansson’s fit.

It turns out that Hugosson himself tried to sneak in which of the Swedes decided that “Tattoo” would be played on Monday.

He now has a conclusion.

There was no Swede.

It was the Finnish World Cup delegation that ensured that Loreen’s voice could be heard in the arena room before Tre Kronor–Finland.

– We left blank when the organizer asked for our favorite song. So it was the organizer who decided which song would be played, says Linus Hugosson, who thus gets to reveal the World Cup tournament’s biggest mystery so far.

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