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The scandalous scenes in the Conference League – fans attacked families

The meeting between AZ Alkmaar and West Ham ended in scandalous scenes.

After the match, home supporters made their way into the section where the West Ham players’ families were and attacked.

– Pathetic, says BT Sports expert Joe Cole.

West Ham beat AZ Alkmaar in the semi-finals of the Conference League and advanced to their first European final in 47 years.

But the scenes of joy for the London club were short-lived.

After the match, supporters of the home team made their way into the section where the families of the West Ham players were and attacked.

It all went on for a fairly short period before guards and the players themselves had time to intervene. According to the BBC, West Ham captain Declan Rice and full-back Aaron Cresswell were the first players there to urge calm, but after the situation deteriorated, several players had to step in.

“Absolutely absurd”

– It is completely absurd. Grown people attacking West Ham fans. It was also completely unnecessary. West Ham have in no way been disrespectful to Alkmaar. Sometimes emotions take over. It’s pathetic that something like this has to happen in today’s football, says former West Ham player Joe Cole i BT Sport according to the BBC.

Several players from the home team and the coach himself, Pascal Jensen, tried to stop their supporters, while the West Ham players were really annoyed and excited by the situation. Among others, guards had to restrain midfielder Flynn Downes to avoid further conflicts.

In the end, the guards got the situation in order and West Ham could continue to celebrate the promotion to the final of the Conference League.

The West Ham players celebrate after the promotion.
The West Ham players celebrate after the promotion.

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