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Tre Kronor’s Rasmus Sandin was injured against the USA: “Idiot tackle”

Double injuries – reserves ready at home

TAMMERFORS/STOCKHOLM. Heavy blows for Tre Kronor.

Both Rasmus Sandin and André Petersson were injured against the USA and did not return to play.

– They will be investigated further during the evening, says Tre Kronor’s press manager Linus Hugosson.

Washington Capitals Swedish star back Rasmus Sandin23, has impressed in the WC’s group stage.

But only minutes into Three Kronors group final against the USA, he was forced out after being hit by a knee tackle.

“Completely idiotic tackle”

Tampa Bay forward Michael Eyssimont received a match penalty for the move. Sandin writhed in agony before being led off the ice and into the locker room.

– These are not funny pictures. Sandin is an absolute key player for Tre Kronor. A completely idiotic tackle, says SVT expert Jonas Andersson.

Feared knee injury

Expert colleague Mikael Renberg, who also works as a physiotherapist, is concerned.

– It could be a serious knee injury, says Renberg.

In the second period, another Swedish key player was forced to leave for the dressing room.

Forward André Petersson limped off after getting his right skate stuck in the ice when he fell to his knees. He returned to the game but was forced to limp off the ice again in his first change, without support on his right leg.

– He and Sandin will be examined further during the evening, so the doctor will return with an update tomorrow, says Tre Kronor’s press manager Linus Hugosson.

Reserves at home ready

Seventh back Jonathan Pudas got playing time after Sandin’s exit. Tre Kronor has a place open in the squad and defenders Joel Persson and Christian Folin are reserves at home in Sweden.

The back duo is ready to step in if needed.

– Of course if they ask, says Persson to Sportbladet.

– Sad to hear about Sandin, never fun with injuries.
Yes, if I’m asked, do I take the next plane to Finland, Folin answers.

Was anything said when you left that you would be on standby?

– Yes, Sam (Hallam) asked us to be ready if something were to happen, says Folin.

The match is in progress. Follow our live reporting here!

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