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Ukrainian anger towards Barcelona after the salute

FC Barcelona won the league title for the first time in four years.

Then the players Sergi Roberto and Alejandro Balde thanked the club’s supporters in Russia. La Liga’s official account on the Russian platform Telegram posted a video of the thanking stars.

– I send a greeting to all Russian Barcelona fans. See you soon, says Balde in the video.

The video has sparked outrage in Ukraine.

The big team Shakhtar Donetsk condemns the greetings and criticizes Barcelona’s Polish striker.

“Robert Lewandowski, do you consider this situation normal? As the captain of the national team of Poland, the country that helps Ukraine a lot, you must understand the scale of the tragedy and the absurdity of such an act”the club signs Twitter.

Even the club’s CEO Serhii Palkin is critical.

“We express our outrage at the published video message”he writes in a statement on the club’s website.

“No victory on the football field is worth this”

He continues:

“The whole world united in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and condemned the invasion. Every day we do everything to accelerate Ukraine’s victory and to protect the European values ​​of freedom and democracy.”

“Then we see the players of one of the world’s best clubs, Barcelona, ​​address the Russians and express their gratitude and support for Russia. We consider this an unacceptable and simply immoral act. We must remember that no victory on the football field is worth a child’s life, no money made in the football market is worth the destroyed cities and ruined people’s lives. We expect Barcelona to admit their mistake and avoid similar situations in the future.”

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