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Västerås SK up top in the super league – won against Öster

It was Östers IF who received the advance tips for the season.

But it was Västerås SK who won Monday’s top match and now leads the super league.

– You want to win all the matches and go up, says team captain Simon Johansson.

Västerås SK have often been forced to struggle in the bottom half of the Super One in recent seasons, but now it looks like the team could be on their way to something big.

With eight rounds played in the super league, the team tops the table in front of Utsiktens BK.

– You want to win all the matches and go up, that’s just the way it is. But we know we have one of the lowest budgets in this series. What we are doing now is really good and we play without pressure. No one is demanding that we get up, says team captain and loyal servant Simon Johansson in Discovery Plus.

Dream minutes behind the victory

A heavy VSK victory was taken at home on Monday evening when Öster was beaten back 2–1.

Jabir Abdihakim Ali made it 1–0 after an hour of play and just three minutes later Jaheem Burke made it 2–0.

Adam Bergmark Wiberg scored his seventh goal of the season and Öster was extremely close to getting a point, but Isak Magnusson hit the post in the eighth additional minute.

– It sucks right now, says Bergmark Wiberg in Discovery Plus.

Öster has now not won in four games after its successful start and is in fourth place in the super league.

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