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Want to organize the games after the Olympics

Although the IOC has opened the door to Russian and Belarusian athletes under a neutral flag in the 2024 Olympics, the nations are excluded from most sporting events worldwide.

Something that has irritated Vladimir Putin. In May, he accused the sports organizations of “damaging the international Olympic movement”.

One championship that the Russians are allowed to compete in, however, is the BRICS Games, named by Russia as the “World Friendship Games”. It is organized by the countries Russia, Brazil, China, India and South Africa.

“Continues to fulfill Putin’s instruction”

The site insidethegames reports that Putin has proposed that Russia host the Games in the fall after the 2024 Paris Olympics.

– Our joint mission is to do everything possible so that athletes and major international competitions are not subject to political games, says the country’s sports minister Oleg Matytsin.

Putin has given the Kremlin a deadline – July 1 – to evaluate the possibility of hosting the games.

– We continue to fulfill Putin’s instruction to organize the World Friendship Games in autumn 2024, says Matytsin.

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