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“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Mychajlo Mudryk has come under fire after he mocked a man at the gym in a video.

One who reacted strongly was Joey Swoll, one of the world’s biggest fitness influencers.

– Excuse my language, but what the hell is wrong with you?, says Swoll TikTok.

In January, Chelsea’s new acquisition Mychajlo Mudryk ended up in windy weather for posting a video on TikTok there repeatedly uses the “n-word”.

The 22-year-old then himself went out and apologized for his statement and the clip was removed from his account.

But now it is storming again around the midfielder who recently mocked an unknown man in a post on social media.

Mocked at the gym

It was in an Instagram story that Mudryk shared a video he filmed of an older man, unknown to him, working out at the star’s gym.

The man was using a rowing machine and his shorts have slipped down to expose the top part of the man’s bum.

On the video, the Chelsea player has also added a question mark.

The Instagram video sparked strong emotions on social media and sharp criticism was directed at Mudryk’s choice to publish the clip to his 1.4 million followers.

“You need to behave better”

One who reacted strongly was fitness influencer Joey Swoll.

Swoll has over 6.5 million followers on TikTok and says in a video that the Ukrainian national team’s behavior is too reprehensible.

– It’s an embarrassing situation and you think: “let me make a video here to post on social media”. Mocking him to get you attention, he says in the video and continues:

– You are a professional soccer player. You play for Chelsea. Is this how you want to represent both yourself and your club?

Swoll, who works to “reduce the toxic gym culture”, believes that Mudryk would have told the man or his personal trainer about the situation.

– What you don’t do is post a video of him so that millions of people can mock him. You need to behave better, shoot yourself, he says.

The Instagram video has now been removed and Mychajlo Mudryk has not responded to the criticism.

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