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William Nylander will not come to the Hockey World Cup | Three Crowns

William Nylander has been the talk of the town for over a week, since Toronto crashed out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Will the NHL star join the Swedish squad or not?

Before the match against France, Sam Hallam had a final message:

– The squad we have here and now is the one we aim to join the rest of the WC. What can change that is any damage. We feel that the time factor is a part. We have had dialogue this week with various parties and have come to the conclusion that this is the squad we are joining, says Tre Kronor’s union captain.

Hallam does not want to comment on why Nylander, who previously said he wants to play in the WC, is not expected to join.

– It is a process with different parts in it which is difficult for me to go into and comment precisely. That is why we have chosen a line of also not commenting on why, if and how. But there are different parts that come into play.

Putting the lid on: “I’m talking about those who are here”

He continues:

– Now we have come to a decision and we who are here feel very secure, the group dynamic is more stable day by day. To then send in that it is us who are here, we are not waiting for anything, it is only full throttle that applies.

Have you been in direct contact with William Nylander?

– I am talking about those who are here, but I think everyone understands that there is parallel work going on all around, yes.

Right now, 24 players are registered, with room for one more player.

– It also gives us the opportunity to add a player if something were to happen. If some injuries or illnesses should appear, we have the option of replacing injured players, but also another place to directly enroll someone.

National team manager Anders Lundberg, together with Tre Kronor’s assistant general Josef Boumedienne, has been in contact with NHL players and their camps, as well as the clubs in North America, before and during the WC weeks.

Lundberg maintains Sweden’s previous line about commenting on players who are not part of the squad:

– I have nothing to say. I stand by the line we’ve had all along. We communicate about the players who are here. We have never ever talked about William being on the way, it’s media speculation. We cannot influence that. We have had a process and now we have arrived at the decision to go with this squad for the rest of the WC if nothing unforeseen happens.

National team manager: “We know the reason”

Have the media reports that have been published in recent days, that Nylander is ready for the WC, then been completely incorrect?

– Again: There is no need to comment on media speculation. When a player is ready, then we communicate it. We never ever talked about William specifically. We are focused on the players who are here, they are the ones who will win the gold.

Have you considered being more transparent about these issues involving William Nylander and other NHL players to avoid speculation?

– I do not think so. It doesn’t affect us. We are sitting with all the facts and that there is speculation – yes, it is a sign of the interest that exists around Tre Kronor and the WC. It is up to everyone to speculate, but we are confident in the line we have chosen.

Have there been complications with the insurance piece or has Toronto pulled the handbrake after Kyle Dubas was fired yesterday?

– I will not comment specifically on any case. I’m talking about the players who are here. There are many different reasons that could be behind a player not coming here. We know the reason around all players and that information must stay between us. If players themselves choose to announce why they are in or not, it is up to them. I do not comment on reasons here or there.

You don’t fill up the 25th place at all?

– That is the basic idea, but there is the possibility to strengthen it if there are injuries or the like. We feel safe with the squad that is here.

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